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I was going through my old college notebooks tonight, compiling some of the margin conversations that Colleen and I used to have in boring math classes. Except most of the time I would write on my notebook and she would write on hers, so mostly I only have my side of the conversation, minus a few. Classes that generated the most conversations seemed to be Math 230H (Vector Calc, Wells) and Math 312 (Foundations of Calculus, Ware).

At any rate, I came across what may be one of the earliest "fanfics" I wrote, likely in the summer of 1997 when I was 19 years old. Hand-written on unlined paper (1 sheet, front and half of the back), it goes like this:

'Hey folks! Create your own Mulder/Scully dialog in 12 easy steps!' )
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John Doggett, character study. Made-up past history about two episodes into season 7 (7? was that the one where Doggett came in?)

A Life Less Extraordinary )

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Title: A Farewell to Files (or 'Ernest Writes Some Fanfic')
Author: Eve11
Category: H (filk/badfic)
Spoilers: none, but it might help if you know anything about "A Farewell to
Arms" or have read or studied anything by Ernest Hemingway.

Summary: Just what the title says. Melanie put up a challenge for a
Noromo-type badfic and I thought of this.

disclaimer: not mine, yada yada yada.

A Farewell to Files
Ernest Writes Some Fanfic

a Badfic by Eve11
It was night. It was hot. )

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Title: Yellow Sheets
Author: Eve11
Rating: G
Spoilers: Tithonus

Yellow Sheets
By Eve11

A hand in front of my eyes. )

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Title: Disquisitiones Arithmeticae: Projection
Author: Eve11
Category: S
Rating: G
Spoilers: mild fifth season
Keywords: Minor character story
Author's note: This story has roots in geometry. The projective plane is just like the regular 2D, x-y plane that we are all familiar with, except for one little addition: a line at infinity. Because of this, every pair of lines intersects at exactly one point, even parallel lines, which have a common point at infinity. The exact situation in the story mirrors a novella I read years ago: "Anna to the Infinite Power" by Mildred Ames.

Thanks to Thyme for beta-reading! I will repeat my keywords from above: this is a minor character story.

Projection )
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Title: Root Beer Realities
Author: Eve11
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Tooms
Category: Humor
Keywords: UST
Summary: A lonely stakeout and a brown paper bag. We all know what follows, or do we?

Root Beer Realities
By Eve11

Despite all his precautions, Mulder was having trouble staying awake )
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Title: Ghost of a Chance
Author: Eve11
Spoilers: fourth season/fifth season up to Emily
Summary: This is in response to Brandon Ray's challenge for creating a story entirely within the confines of the J.Edgar Hoover building...

Ghost of a Chance
by Eve11

Part 1/2 )
Part 2/2 )



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