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So... [livejournal.com profile] astrogirl2 has reminded me that I did like watching The Pretender back when it was airing: actually I'm quite sure I saw it in syndication around '99 or 2000: I'd seen some early episodes now that I'm rewatching them, but also some later ones with a bunch of characters I didn't know. In that way I guess I watched it the same way I first watched Farscape; in 4-episode chunks that were internally consistent but grossly out of order from day to day. Still, I got season 1 on DVD and watched the Pilot and the second episode; I'd seen the second episode but not the pilot. (ETA: oh I forgot to mention the giant cordless phones! So strange that 1996/1997 is looking so dated)

Now I'm watching the third episode, only a little ways in. Jarod is pretending to be a fighter pilot, and for some reason (which I'm sure in a Chekov-ian way will be of some kind of import to the plot or to the metaphors of the plot), the airplane hangar mechanic has a bunch of those sterograph pictures clipped to a board in his workspace. Ha! The Pretty Lady Guest Character of this episode mentions she can't ever see them, and Jarod looks at three of them (a pink one, a blue one and an orange one) in quick succession and says: "Hm, Penguin at the Sphinx, Penguin riding a camel... Penguin on a Nile Barge, now there's something you don't see every day!"

Heh. Out of curiosity I paused the DVD as best I could on them and what do you know they still work even through the film! Except the pink one was some kind of car (I think), the orange one was definitely dinosaurs (a T-Rex, a velociraptor and some Pterodactyls flying in the sky), and the blue one was a wolf howling at a 3-D moon on a cliff ledge, and I'm pretty sure there was a sheep standing next to it for some reason. Go figure.

We'll see if they actually cop to this as the episode unfolds ;)


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