Feb. 28th, 2014 01:35 pm
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You'd better not have a C-section because it will cause your baby to have weight problems later in life!

Are you KIDDING me? Apparently a doctor wrote this article. And tries to convince us that "a baby needs to be exposed to bacteria that they might not get if delivered by C-section" as the strongest reason why this association is causal. Scientific News Reporting, can you please stop this nonsensical bullshit and, you know, report on the merits and implications of the actual study instead of this drivel that panders to the lowest common denominator? What the hell kind of editor reads this story and says, "Great! Pass it along!"

I deplore the state of science education, science reporting and general analytical thought in our region if this is its best representative.
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(Not even one statistics class?)

ETA: Oh, hey, what do you know, I can pay $30 to find out whether this research is as full of crap as I think it is. Thanks, Elseveir.

Data Geeks!

Feb. 5th, 2013 04:04 pm
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O'Reilly is offering a free course on the basics of R. With pirates. I've done a few of the modules and I really like the setup for getting a good feel of the command line, data types, etc.

Download R (for free!) here:

The tutorial is here:

(You can try the tutorial without downloading the package)
Also I recommend SimpleR as a good free reference. For anyone who's ever looked at a data set and said, "If only I could plot it that way..."

ETA: I should also say, that for any spot where they use the arrow assignment '<-', you can also just use the equal sign '='
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Great post by Larry Wasserman:

My sister [ profile] kalypso_01 likes this "Drunk Nate Silver" text best:

At 2:30 AM Drunk Nate Silver sends you a text that says "It's 9:38 am" and that's when you read it!
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I have spent the last 12 years becoming well-acquainted with statistics, and yet I am still flummoxed by what others could possibly mean when they say "statistical analysis." It's either a magic box that solves everything, or a divining rod imbued by witchcraft.

Here is an article where it appears to be the second. A long interview with linguist Noam Chomsky on AI and "big data".

Can someone tell me what is this black magic? )
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And a quick discussion afterward that I might like to turn into a real and citable argument, but must first get up to speed on current thoughts about this (here, likely, Gelman's blog will prove useful).,0,4672619.story

Thoughts? )


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