Jul. 21st, 2012 09:53 am
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So I've just listened to "The Curse of Davros" from Big Finish

Spoilers )

I also listened to "Army of the Dead" with Eight and Mary Shelley.

Spoilers )
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So I listened to part 1 of the new Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller adventures on the drive in.

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So the other day, [ profile] wheresmycow mentioned she was going to attempt the feat of listening to all one-hundred-some Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures in order. And serendipitously, I was half-way through listening to the very first one, Sirens of Time, for my commute.

And so I said, "What a great idea! Now we can talk about them together too!" And then I realized if I listen to 5 audios per week (1 per day for my commute), that it will still take 6 months to get through them all (!)

So, let the in-order reviews begin. I'll be posting in increments of 5, possibly sporadically.

Oh, also, SPOILER ALERT for all of them! I give away twists and plot points in all!

Last week's commutes:
BFx001: The Sirens of Time )

BFx002: Phantasmagoria )

BFx003: Whispers of Terror )

BFx004: The Land of the Dead )

BFx005: The Fearmonger )

For my next post, I'll be talking about 6 through 10. I've gotten through 6, 7, and 8, need to transition Lanyon Moor and Winter for the Adept over to my iPod and then we're rolling again. :) I've already taken some notes.
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who_daily link text:
< lj user="eve11"> < a href="">Reviews the BF audios Phantasmagoria and Loups-Garoux </a>

Bit of icy rainy hail this evening. Welcome, fall. And as usual I have been doing some driving and listening to Doctor Who Audios. Been on a Five kick lately, and have recently re-listened to the Turlough episodes Phantasmagoria and Loups-Garoux.

Slashy? Us? No WAY! )

In other news, the cats went crazy over by the patio door, and upon further inspection there was a rather large mouse (well, large for a mouse) that they were hounding and chasing. We caught it in a plastic container and threw it back outside.
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Where oh where did I leave off??? So anyway I had some free time (read, car trips) in which I listened to many Doctor Who audios over the past few weeks months: Spoilers within the commentary!

Pest Control )

Assassin in the Limelight )

Grand Theft Cosmos, The Zygon Who Fell To Earth, and The Sisters of the Flame )

Some older ones that I don't think I've talked about yet (or haven't said much about, or just relistened to, or listened to a while ago but still want to talk about):

Bang-Bang-a-Boom )

Nekromantea )

The Fearmonger )

Colditz )

Night Thoughts )

I've listened to some others (Catch-1782, The Nowhere Place, The Fires of Vulcan) that I don't have much to say about. Maybe later.

Next on my list, I've downloaded all six of the Doctor Who: Unbound series, though when they extracted into iTunes some of them looked like a small set of files, so I hope they were all full versions. Oh, and I have the Death Collectors... that one's for my drive back home.
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OMG, this was hilarious. And totally awesome. OMFG, that Date Scene!!!!

More when I'm more coherent, when I haven't spent 35 extra minutes waiting at a standstill in traffic to get home, and when there isn't a hockey game on. But yeah, this one shoots to the top of the list of my favorites! :)

ETA: Ha! I just caught the coda!!!!!


Mar. 5th, 2008 07:37 pm
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Deep thinky thoughts on Big Finish audios: Arrangements for War and Thicker Than Water:

ahem )
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So yesterday I listened to Project: Lazarus, which is a story split between the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn, and the Seventh Doctor. It's also a sequel to Project: Twilight.

Spoilers )
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The most recent experiments: BF 67--Dreamtime with Ace, Hex and Seven, and BF 65--The Juggernauts with Six and Mel. Spoilers below.

Dreamtime )

The Juggernauts )
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Dude, if these two are any indication of the upcoming year, holy hell, is it going to be a good one...
Spoilers for BFA 104 -- The Bride of Peladon )

Spoilers for BF 105 -- The Condemned )

Bring on the next ones! Woohoo! Also, the new download function is super easy, and quick, and I am very, very happy! :) :) :)
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I have recently listened to a few more audio adventures from the Fifth, Sixth and Eighth doctors. I've also listened to a few from the Seventh Doctor too, a while back, that I might not have posted on. So, it's time for more Classic Who audio love from me.

Overall, I just have to say, Big Finish pretty much owns my soul, and possibly also my iPod. I really wish they could offer these as mp3 or mb4 downloads; it would make it a lot easier for me to obtain them legitimately. These are always great for long car rides, and tedious tasks like folding laundry or spring cleaning. However, it's hard to just sit and listen to them; perhaps my problem is that I do so at night an invariably end up falling asleep without realizing it. That's not to say they aren't good, but I often need to be doing *something* else, some procedural task, to keep my brain working without the visual stimuli. Anyway, spoilers abound in these posts for BF audios 102, 103, 103a, 48, and 58:

Wherein I discover a brand new love for Peri )

Wherein we learn a Dalek (creator) cannot change his Bumps )

Wherein I discover the joy of Seven, Ace and Hex: )

Wherein we say a fond (if premature) farewell )

Right, so that was some rambling from me. :) I think I might actually try to get some writing done today, possibly even fannish. [ profile] sg_fignewton is spearheading a GenFic squee for this weekend so I might try to do something for that. I've also got a million and one WIPs I could try to work on, but with those I'm somewhat in the wheel-spinning phase of being able to write down outlines and ideas and failing to actually, you know, write scenes, plot and dialogue.
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All right, so I've not yet written up my thoughts on the eighth doctor arcs, but I've been listening to Six lately and just finished #14 today. And wow, for the non-spoilery reaction: for those who make lists of the audios you need to listen to, put this one on your short list! It stars Six and the comics companion Frobisher, and for those who don't like the idea of large mesomorphic penguins and think at the start that it's just another weird and silly story, just keep listening anyway. Because while it may be silly and strange, it's also more, and it's also brilliant.

Spoilers within )
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What? A substantive post? Really?

So I've been at a conference for these past 3 days plus today, and yesterday I gave my talk and sat in on our panel for work, and today, well, I'm pretty much coasting. Been leaving the house at my usual 6am and not getting home until 10pm-ish, daily. SO glad it's Friday.

My talk went okay, except that the Mac computer I tranferred my slides to sabotaged my animations, so I had to improvise. Also I was my usual very nervous, stuttery self, what with the fact I hadn't practiced. BUT, on the good side, it's over. Yay!

I've been listening to more audio adventures. Having made it through Eight and Lucie, as well as the latest ones with Eight, Charley and C'rizz, I moved also over to some Sixth doctor plays, along with a few Fifth Doctor plays I hadn't heard yet. Note: this has been over the past two weeks or so. I've been doing a lot of driving. That's my excuse anyway, for burning through these like crepe paper on a candle.

Wherein I blather about Eight and Lucie, and a little bit about Eight and Charley )

Wherein I blather about the Sixth Doctor, and various companions )

Wherein I blather about the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Perimem )

Anyway, that's my rambling, for now.

Except ETA: I asked other places, can someone point me to a press release or something detailing Paul McGann's place in Big Finish? I'm hearing he's leaving the monthly release rotation? (*is sad!*) Are they going to do more of the shorter BBC7 audios? Anything? (see above re: my willingness to listen to Mr. McGann read the phone book...)
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I've taken to hooking up my laptop in my car and listening to these on the commute. It's great; they really make me not care if traffic gets ugly and I spend an hour in the car. I'm just sad that (a) they won't be able to produce them quick enough for me to have perpetual doctor who audios from here onward, and (b) I don't have the self-discipline to ration them to just for car trips, thus exacerbating point (a) ;)

mild spoilers for various audio adventures )


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