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Oh I did love that to tiny pieces, indeed. And this was hands down the best Confidential ever! Can we get the scientist lady from the Greenwich observatory on the show? She is my new favorite character. :D Also it was so fun seeing Karen Gillan getting all into astronomy and cosmology. And fun to see Matt Smith get in touch with his inner footballer.

My, I'm talking more about the confidential than i am about the episode. Right. I will say right now, Hooray! He called her "Pond"! I love that! And I love the scanner and talking to the cat and the shower scene and the cooking and and and yeah, just everything.

One of the critiques I'd read (total sci-fi maybe) gave this episode a 3/10. Eh? They said that it didn't ring true that the Doctor was downstairs gallivanting about at a human life when people were dying and the only thing that changed at the end was it was "someone with a speaking role" what got lured in. But I didn't see that at all; it was pretty clear to me at least that the Doctor had no idea people were dying at all until the cat told him people went up the stairs and never came back down. Wonder what the reviewer would think of it in that light.

Also, randomly, where the heck did the "fish on a plate" scene fit in-- I could have sworn I saw still photos of Amy standing in the TARDIS doorway holding a plate with a fish on it. WTH?

Also, oooooh, the Pandorica! It's coming! Next week!

Date: 2010-06-13 09:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] astrogirl2.livejournal.com
I'm behind on the Confidentials, but clearly I need to see this one!


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