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Is my reaction to Power of Three at all surprising?

Well, as per the first three episodes in this run, it's pretty much incoherent squee. So, no, nothing surprising there. Shall I mention, that (apparently oddly) some of my most favorite episodes are Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, and The Lodger? I didn't think it was possible, but this...this takes the best parts of both of those, and makes something else entirely new out of them.

Guys, if I do this quoting thing, I'm gonna quote the whole thing and not have anything remotely coherent to say about any of them.

Right. So on we go then:

- Brian Williams. Is. Awesome. Rory's dad; oh I love him to bits in this. The whole "what if they're bombs?" scene is amazing.

- "'Course I've got a job. What do you think we do when we're not with you?" "I imagine mostly kissing." LOL (Also, Rory in his pants.)

- Kate Stewart. Is. Awesome. Her entry is about the most fantastic thing ever. The way she commands attention and respect, but still has a hands-in-pockets nonchalance about her. Also, as an American, I love her accent. It sounds different than everyone else's--more posh, maybe? They did a good job making her sound Lethbridge-Stewart-y, if that makes sense. I kind of love her.

- "Twitter." The disgust of this line. Oh Eleven, I love you. He has some great lines in this episode, both comedic and dramatic. He's very "old school mystery solving Doctor" in this one.

- "Patience is for wimps!" *dies*

- "Did real life just get started?"

- Brian's log. Is. Awesome. His middle name is diligence, and don't mock his log.

- Hey, the red-nosed reindeer song again. They like this one.

- Creepy child has been imbibing melange! Or not. I can't quite figure out what the bad guys' motivations are in this. And yet I can't bring myself to care. It makes WAY more sense than The Lodger did, and I loved that one SO MUCH.

- Where's Rory's mom? Also, hey, June and the Ponds' wedding anniversty.

- OMG Zygons in the Savoy. Also, I LOVE Amy's dress. Also, Rory kisses the Doctor!

- Brian calls him on it. Because Brian is awesome. "What happened to the other people who traveled with you?" Poor Doctor. Never them, he says, as though he can promise that.

- The Doctor admitting he misses the Ponds. Making allowances. Staying, for them, instead of running. Just this once. And the whirlwind stops, and then catches up again.

- "And I am cream-crackered." HEARTS

- Fish custard. "I've run restaurants." HA this makes me think of that Fifth Doctor novel... the Crystal Bucephalus. So we all know how the Doctor's restaurant-running goes. About the same as the rest of his life, timey wimey with extra peril. [ALSO: EF YOU ElJay or Firefox or whatever is making any "edit" I do of this page pull up a fucking cached copy! So I add a new edit... to an older version that doesn't have my other edits... unless I remember to refresh the edit page. What the ever loving fuck?]

- Love the Amy and Rory domesticity. And the Doctor playing Wii tennis. And the repetition of the ulitmatum line. And "I had a metal dog could do that." And then the VoV-like meeting of excitement: "The cube in there just opened!" "Mine spiked me in the hand and took my pulse!" "Really! Mine fired laser bolts and now it's surfing the net!" "You'll never believe this. My cube, just moved. It rattled."

- "Also, ravens of death." "I like her." ME TOO.

- LOL chicken dance cube. So the cubes are collecting information. They're like, little sponges of information. And my brain goes immediately to: HOLY SHIT, IT'S THE DATA MINERS OF THE FUTURE. Monitor ALL the Things! They are way better at finding actionble information than network security monitors though.

- Aw, it's nice to see the softer, smarter side of the Brig. Science leads the way; so in spite of his bluster and predilection for weaponry, the Brig was not all muscle and no brains.

- The whole scene by the river. "They pull at each other. They pull at me, and the traveling is starting to feel like running away." And the fact that Amy and Rory are still part of the things he runs to, the things that flare and fade forever. Life in the TARDIS is timeless, but only the way two mirrors facing each other are infinite.

- "You're seared onto my hearts, Ameila Pond." Also, I'm married to your daughter.

- "Yeah you do, Pond." I love when he calls her Pond. LOVE.

- Of course it's a countdown. Well, why not minutes? They're using human numerals.

- What's with the seven portals thing? And man, lifts. Lifts that are closed off are alsway bad news. Together with Closing Time, they're 2 for 2 in "weird shit lives here".

- So the cubes open... inviting people to look at them? And then they send out an electrical signal to stop peoples' hearts?

- LOL, "Turn around, turn around, turn around!!!" Reminds me of Castrovalva and poor Tegan and Nyssa having to cart the Doctor around in a crazy wheelchair. "OW, Crikey Moses!" And "How do you people manage one heart? It is pitiful!" Amy's face when he yells at her...wait, I never do this but here:

- Seven people, seven portals? What? Does this make any sense.... *watches anyway*

- "Oh my god." What is funny is if you go back to the RTD era and count how many times this phrase is used. Like in the Christmas special with the Sycorax. It's like, every other line. Seriously, I watched all of Eccleston's series in one night. All 13 episodes, and while I blithely had no clue about all the "Bad Wolf" references, I DID notice just how many times someone stares at something and says, "Oh my god." Here, Amy gets to say it about a creepy blue glowy girl. I don't know if Moff's era has just as many and I didn't notice it, or if this is just another subtle call back to RTD.

- "Welcome back, lefty!" LOL so very Tennant. "Never do that to me again."

- LOL bad CGI. But, through the looking glass. To find . . . Darth Vader without his helmet.

- What the hell is "the Tally"? Right, this bad guy is creeptastic but not particularly thought out very well. Okay, so let me parse this. These guys, the Shakri, exist through all of time and space, and every once in a while descend on planets to decide whether or not the inhabitants merit allowance to expand into space, or total extermination. They are some kind of Gallifreyan bedtime story. Good God, between that, Zagreus, and the Untempered Schism, it's a wonder all of them weren't as maladjusted as the Master.

- Oh, the sonic screwdriver is magic. Of course. "Run." And just this once, give him this one, everybody lives.

- "A kiss from a Lethbridge-Stewart. That is new." :D

- Swings to swing on... and Brian, who has to stay behind and water the plants.

- Next week . . . the last of the first run, and then no more Who until Christmas! Whatever will we do?

ETA: There is some discussion about next week in the comments... (I think only what can be gleaned from the trailer)
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