Date: 2017-05-21 04:10 pm (UTC)
You know, I won't be at all surprised if we never even get the answer to the question of who wanted her executed and how she got caught. I mean, who doesn't want her executed? This is just the sort of thing that happens to the Master, really. :)

Because the Doctor doesn't want anyone to know he's blind (this apparently includes both friends and enemies), but the first person he tells is Missy.

Yeah, I found that really interesting, given how terrified Nardole is of her finding out and taking advantage. But I can actually see him finding her the one person he can (or is willing to) just honestly talk to about this. Partly because of the long, weird, complex history between them and her ability to understand him in ways that other people might not, but perhaps also because she's not a human who's counting on him to save the day all the time, which makes it easier to show her a little vulnerability.

now blind on top of all of that and fighting the memories and regrets in the darkness. First 4.5 billion years of torment in order to save and then forget his best friend, now this

My goodness, I think you've actually made me kind of sniffly. Oh, Doctor.

I am always one to sacrifice plot for the sake of the theme; stories are much better that way than the reverse,

I think that's generally a good point of view. I'm not always able to manage it, myself, but in this case, despite the fact that the plot stuff falls apart for me more the more I think about it, I'm entirely happy to just go where it's taking me, emotionally and thematically.
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