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Well my DVR is messed up. It says it recorded 1 hour 5 minutes. However it starts about 20 minutes into the episode ("I know you've been looking for him. I can't find him either"). I was very confused watching it and then found a different source that started from the beginning (but inexplicably ended a little bit before my DVR copy began).

Also my recording wasn't actually an hour. It stopped a minute or so into the Graham Norton show, with like 25 minutes left on the time strip at the bottom and asked if I wanted to keep or delete the recording. IDK what's going on but the short version is that I got to see most of the episode in one form or another.

And aha, it wasn't the Master that the prequels were talking about. Davros again! My goodness, pulling the stops out on episode 1, eh? Actually this has been my favorite Twelfth Doctor episode yet. I loved the party and the "ax battle". I loved Missy a lot (even though she ruthlessly killed people) and Missy and Clara's interactions. I liked the snaky villains... it reminds me of something from somewhere though and I can't remember what. A bug-man. An exterminator made of bugs? It sounds like an X-files episode but it might have been a movie or possibly Buffy? Help me out internets. ETA: Oh I bet it was Buffy; one of the assassins sent to kill her in early s3 or late s2...

Right back to Doctor Who. I liked the way the Doctor and Missy were on the same wavelength with the gravity (loved her petulant "I know!"). It also reminded me a bit of Frontier in Space with the Doctor and the Master locked up together.

I don't exactly know why the Doctor thinks that he's going to die after/during facing Davros. I do think it sucked royally that the "idiot" apprentice guy got turned into a Dalek clone though. Boo.

I like that he's into hugging now. But I must say I object vehemently to the TARDIS being destroyed. And I suppose that Clara and Missy pulled some kind of trick on the Daleks or something because obvs. neither of them really got killed. So as far as a cliffhanger ending, it's more like, "what's the trick there" and not "OMG are they really dead!?"

Also come to think of it I've no idea why it is called "The Magician's Apprentice" either.

So I'm looking forward to next week. Hopefully my DVR won't mess up again.
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