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2013-03-31 12:34 pm
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New Doctor Who: I has seen it!

I was going to have this posted yesterday but then D and I watched a mini-marathon of Magnum P.I. season 2 instead. So, better late than never:

The Bells of St. John )
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2012-09-22 08:48 pm
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Is my reaction to Power of Three at all surprising?

Spoilers below the cut! )

ETA: There is some discussion about next week in the comments... (I think only what can be gleaned from the trailer)
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2012-09-04 10:33 pm
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Late to the party

But I have now seen 7x01: Asylum of the Daleks and have a reaction post.

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2011-04-03 09:32 pm
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Liveblog! Well, liveblog part 2, and a summary of thoughts on part 1

Why does everyone think this is the worst Who story ever? )
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2010-12-29 01:46 pm
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I got a Blu-ray player and a netflix subscription for Christmas, which is fab. Last night, I watched the Curse of Fenric, as I realize Seven is the only Doctor I've not watched any episodes for (although I've listened to all the audios), and Fenric was the only Seventh Doc episode that was on instant download:

Reactions (spoilery cut for a 23-year-old ep) )
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2010-12-26 12:22 am
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This is relevant to my interests!

There was new Doctor Who on tonight! It was weird and dark and strange and sad and funny and fabulous.

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2010-06-20 12:12 pm
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Spoilers within. Don't click if you've not seen The Pandorica Opens:
Spoilery Speculation for The Pandorica Opens )