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I was going to have this posted yesterday but then D and I watched a mini-marathon of Magnum P.I. season 2 instead. So, better late than never:

I was pretty well unspoiled for this episode except that I knew it dealt with wi-fi, and I'd seen the one scene where they jump to the plane which was fun. As for the rest of it, well my reactions these days are frightfully boring aren't they? Because they're all, "I loved it!" and that's about it. It was not necessarily blindlingly original, but it was good fun, entertaining and had a few tricks up its sleeve still.

- Monks are not cool, eh? But I think he looks so cute as a monk! And the titular bells, ha! Who is the woman in the shop? My money's on Martha Jones, but "the woman in the shop" sounds like a Rose reference. But Rose is in another universe. But she has returned before. Well. I think we'll see.

- How do I change my home network to those symbols? I totally want to do that. ALSO I find it hilarious when they show hackers doing the "whoever types faster wins" races on the TV. Don't they know that most hackers use custom made malware GUIs these days? But the lightning fast coding is fun. Makes me wonder what they are coding though. Shell scripts I guess? Windows dlls? Why is there no lightning use of the up arrow for previous history on the command line? Whatev, it's shorthand for "doing shit with computers!"

- OMG, Summer Falls by Amelia Williams! :D It took me to the second showing to catch that. But, yay! I think this means Lizbee's fic is canon now.

- "It's a surprisingly accurate description!" Ha! This and the twitter line are the only ones that really made me laugh out loud.

- ALSO, I think it is perfectly reasonable for someone to not know how the Internet works but to know what Twitter is.

- Doctor, licking other people's leaves is kind of creepy. Dial it down! He doesn't have Rose to look at him sternly like when he went for the peanut butter in ... Fear Her, I think?

- I kind of like the idea that Clara's computer skills come from a patch. But am uncertain why they are giving her a patch if all they want her for is to feed the big bad.

- Haha, whirlwind intro to the TARDIS and peril and craziness and breakfast.

- In the cafe I was thinking that this was very Matrix-y.

- "Did you even hear me say Anti-Grav?" Also, "Because I'm going to motivate you." The Doctor hacks tech, ha. Also I did not see that twist, because I am very thick when it comes to watching Doctor Who.

- When the Doctor tweaked the second-in-command's profile, was he tweaking "obedience" or "conscience"? I thought it was conscience but I saw some other comments that said they thought it was "obedience". I would think "conscience" would be more his style. ETA: Definitely "obedience" on second view. Well, it's using the baddie's tech against them, but still quite (literally!) manipulative. Then again, he can be pretty manipulative when he wants to be.

- Oho, so the baddie is the Great Intelligence again! I should have guessed that from the way the Spoonheads were mirroring what people were saying.

- Clara is less than impressed by the snog-box. I dunno though, if I wanted to travel, I'd be hard pressed to pass up all of time and space, even after a crazy adventure like she'd just gone through. But, "Come back tomorrow," -- I can't help but like it! She is kind of like the same person from the Victorian era, still a nanny, still doesn't run out on those she cares about, still witty and curious in the "I don't want to miss what happens next" vein, but modernly so.

Time to find out who she is...
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