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Hahahaha that was fun and had a very old-school Six-era vibe to it (I consider that a compliment really, like the best parts of Six's era: the crazy plots and the fun characters). I think it made about as much sense as a fish on a bicycle, but that's okay. There were dinosaurs and robots and a big game hunter and Queen Nefertiti and a bad guy whose creepitude was nearly Sharaz-Jek level. If this had been an old-school episode it would have been longer and had more things tie together, but it wouldn't have been nearly as funny or fun.

Lots of cute little scenes strung together, this one, hanging on by the skin of their teeth to a plotline that could best be described as what you get when you give a can of silly string to a hyperactive child.

I found nothing wrong with it at all :)

I only watched it once and it was last night, but I did also look at the live streaming tumblr to remind me of the awesome

Eleven's been sneaking way too many jelly babies, and yet, I do love him to pieces.

- Stopping giant robot/alien locusts from destroying ancient Egypt, with Queen Nefertiti. And that was just a throwaway setup line!
- Then off to the Indian Space Agency to figure out why a giant ark is hurtling toward the Earth in some future time. Yay, Indian Space Agency!
- Then pick up the gang. "I have a gang now." I know people aren't going to like Riddell because he's a sexist big game hunter... He's from 1902 and he's a bit of a caricature but you know what, the Doctor hangs out with him and so I think he's probably got some redeeming qualities in there. Also, Amy and him shoot dinosaurs together.

- Rory's dad! Did the Doctor not meet him at the wedding? Ha it just reminds me of Doomsday when Rose whispers to him... "My mum's still on board..."
- Rory's dad has a trowel. Of course he does.
- "I'm 31. I don't have a christmas list." "I DO!!!!" LOL

- Nefertiti: Are you a queen? Amy: Yes. Yes I am. (Good to see Amy has learned the lessons of Ghostbusters)
- Nefertiti reminds me of Erimem, which makes her even more awesome, of course.
- I will not have my companions flirting! Ha!
- Did anyone else notice that the Silurian scientist was saying something like, "All species have adapted well, except one..." I wonder if there's anything to that that might show up later. But I doubt it.

- Triceratops as a big puppy was kind of silly. I think they'd be more like hippos. Angry hippos that can kill you with their nasty horns. But whatev. Then it would be a lot harder to ride them.

- I was a little bit annoyed at the McGuffin red herring of Soloman the Pirate "knowing" the Doctor. But I really loved that scene. "I'm a Saggitarious. Probably." And how he goes from bouncy to intense very quickly.
- I also loved the robots because they reminded me of the furniture assemblers in The One Doctor. They are also the worst shots ever, wth?

So we also learn, Do not Fuck with Queen Nefertiti; she will end you. Good. And then the Doctor's like, well, here's your missiles, think how valuable they are. Sorry, I know I'm supposed to be all, the Doctor's a pacifist, but I was just going YES YES YES because that guy was a small-time bastard. And the Doctor did give him a fighting chance to get the missile tracer off his ship. Instead he totally pulled a Montalban. TOTALLY.

In the end, the Ponds want to go home, the Doctor is a bit sad about that, and Brian wants to eat a sandwich and watch the earth turn.

OH and I loved Rory's nursing kits and him and his dad flying a spaceship, and Riddell sneaking past the sleepy baby t-rex and Amy wanting to high-five Neffi and the bickering robots and "did I mention missiles" and Rory and the Doctor kissing LOL and... *flings silly string everywhere*

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