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Okay the real question is: How did all of these aliens get time travel so they could end up in 102 AD?

And, the monologue when River was in Amy's room: "Amy. Oh Doctor, why do I let you out?"

So... this is interesting. because a few things: 1) River's obviously met Amy before. And 2) What does River mean by that last bit? Is she the one who releases him from the Pandorica? Earlier on in her time stream? And if that's true then River's a lot better at bluffing and not letting spoilers on. She must know it's the Doctor in the box then, right?

So, River gets blown up, the TARDIS is destroyed, we still haven't seen who the biggest of the big bads is (the evil "Silence will fall" voiceover guy-- wth?), and I have the sinking feeling that the Doctor's going to be imprisoned in the box for like 5000 years until young River releases him and meets him for the very first time. Um, maybe.

And I think Amy isn't dead because she too is a construct. Back to the beginning: "Why did you say six months?" -- is it because she has no idea how much time has passed either? And also there was something in little Amelia's kitchen, lurking around... who or what could it be? Amy? And in Victory of the Daleks Bracewell is all "They made me!" and Amy takes his hand and says, "I understand how you feel. Believe me, I understand." Why or how would she understand that?

Oh man, this is gonna be a hella long week.

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