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"I think I can see a Ryman's"... must be a brit thing? I don't get it.

One day later... he must have had cash and the earpiece in his pockets, right?

Also, I wonder which house was the fake? The one with the second floor or without? The roofs look different between Craig's building and the others in the row.

There's an eggshell on the counter already when the Doctor tosses the others over there. Continuity! Also, from this scene I was wondering if maybe a bit got cut out where Craig gets ahead in the call center... he mentions eg that he's got a better business plan and stuff in this scene and nothing comes of it. Fails the Chekov test, that does.

"I've got one of those faces; people are always blurting out their plans when I'm around."

"Oh yes, I'll shout if that happens. Something like, 'I was not expecting this!'"

I think my favorite scene is the one where he's talking with Amy for the first time. "Earth to Pond, come in Pond!" I love when he calls her Pond! And the scrambled dialogue! Also Amy was great in this episode.

More evidence for the Doctor not knowing about the people going up the stairs: the ship lures the sad date lady up at the same time that Amy entreats the Doctor to listen to the TARDIS going bonkers.

"All I've got to do is pass for an ordinary human being. Simple. What could possibly go wrong?"
"Have you seen you?"
"So, you're just going to be snide. No helpful hints?"
"Hmm, well, here's one. Bow tie. Get rid."
"Bow ties. are. cool."

"I could do those things, I don't but I could."

"Amy I said the zig-zag plotter!"
"I pulled the zig-zag plotter!"
"You're standing with the door behind you?"
"Okay, take two steps to your right and pull it again."

Grabbed the toothbrush instead of the sonic, ha!

"Football. Okay, well done, that is normal."

"I can't go up to these guys and go hey this is my new flatmate, he's called The Doctor."
"Why not?"
"Cause it's weird!"
*three seconds later*
"Hello! I'm Craig's new flatmate; I'm called The Doctor."

"So where are you strongest?"

I don't know why but that line makes me laugh every time I hear it. *snerk*

Incidentally I like the bit in the Confidential where James Corden tries to convince all of us that they are cgi-ing in Matt's football supremacy. "It's all a green screen. They put the ball in afterward."

"You are so on the team. Next week we've got the Crown and Anchor; we're going to annihilate them!"
"Annihilate, no. No violence, do you understand me? Not while I'm around, not today, not ever. I'm the Doctor, the Oncoming storm.... and you basically meant beat them in a football match, didn't you?"

All nines is okay... but all fives is "even better." Oh Doctor, you're crap at lying.

"Do I have to stay now?" Love how it ends up that they do what NOBODY wants. That is so real life it kinda hurts. Ha!

He spits the wine back out. And I adore that whole scene to pieces.
"Ah ha! Oh my god, did you see what he just did?"
"No, sorry, what's happening? Are you going to live with monkeys now?"

I couldn't pay attention at all to the hallway scene between Craig and Sophie on account of that totally crazy-weird portrait in the background. WTH art department? Who let that through?

"Meanwhile I shall recruit a spy." The way the scenes play out here, I thought he was trying to convince Craig to do something for him at first, with the breakfast. But that didn't make sense. The cat going up the stairs later on was a bit too subtle of a hint.

"It's a planning meeting; it's important."
"You're important."
oh, I did love that bit.

LOL, the work scene was very Single White Female, wasn't it?

"Madrid? Ha! What a dump. I have to stay!"
This scene also is rather brilliant.

"You've used non-technological technology of [lamasteen? what does he say there?]"

SFX mentioned in one of their spoilers that "one of the most used phrases in this series" gets another go. They meant "Bow ties are cool." I said "Perception Fliter." Turns out we were both right. ENOUGH WITH THE PERCEPTION FILTERS ALREADY! Man, every alien race and their cousin has one, come on!

"Hello! I'm Captain Troy Handsome of International Rescue. Please state the nature of the emergency."

"No! Worst choice ever!"

"Will it work?"
"Are you sure?"
"Is that a lie?"
"...Of course it's a lie!"

I love the look on the Doctor's face after he slaps Craig and Craig is like "Sophie!!!" Ha! So cheesy but for some reason that was a lot more fun than eg, the way that love saved the day in Victory of the Daleks. Possibly because it was at least hinted/threaded through the story, and something the Doctor could conceivably have figured out.

Oh, and there's the crack, back again! So not good.

And Amy finds the engagement ring! And she might remember something; was she seeing the crack in her mind's eye or was it appearing in the TARDIS?????

Oh overall I really really loved Matt Smith in this. Reminded me of The Eleventh Hour which I adored but I thought they didn't quite ever get back to that persona, until this one. Anyway, top marks all around.

Next time...

Oh I have the horrible sinking suspicion that the "goblin, trickster, or warrior, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies, the most feared being in the cosmos"... has to be the Doctor, doesn't it? It just has to be. And River is sent to prison for killing the best man she's known... the Doctor? Is she the one who completes the time loop to imprison him in the Pandorica? This is all just my own speculation. I've not read any spoilers.

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