Colonial Williamsburg

Aug. 18th, 2017 10:28 am
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Aaah, so much for getting back into posting.
Trying again.

This time with pictures from the Colonial Williamsburg trip we took in June, because AJ edited them so I don't have to bother with that!

First time there for all of us!
I could easily spend a lot longer than we did, pouring through the museums but alas AJ, Judy, and their partners... none of them museum people!
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Aug. 17th, 2017 11:28 am
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This not-working-from-home thing is kinda lame. I am reserving judgement until I see what kind of stock grant they’re talking about, but I’m (privately) putting them on notice because I am not sure I want to keep going into an office 5 days/week and having to sort the rest of life out on the fringes. I know that’s how most people work, but I’m not sure I want to go back to that, at least not w/o any significant financial incentive. (Or, I’m just having my regularly scheduled omg-school-started-I-hate-life freakout--it's hard to say.)

So, there’s some travel stuff coming up, maybe I can see some of you…?
  • Sun/Mon, Aug 20-21 – Eclipse Day – I’m taking the easy way out and just going up north a bit, around Lake Hartwell. (Fingers crossed for weather.)
  • Thurs-Mon, Aug 31-Sept4 – DragonCon – We’re in the same hotel as recent years and you all know how much I &heart; the bartenders at Pulse in the Marriott, so yell at me if you’re going to be around. No cosplay this year, unless I throw together some random steampunk persona.
  • Fri-Sun, Sept8-10 – NYC!! – I have to burn some Ritz-Carlton free nights and this is literally the only weekend between now & Nov that D’s & my schedules align. I haven’t booked flights yet, but we’ll be staying down in the Financial District (b/c, see above, re: free.) I have no idea what my dear, darling husband wants to do, but I generally have to keep him busy, so I’m thinking a walking tour on Saturday morning, ending in Brooklyn & then maybe a show on Sat night & I don’t know what on Sunday morning, but maybe the Met…?

    There's possibly a little bit more to come, but I have to see how kids' schedules shake out.

    ....aaaaaand I'm late for Wednesday books, but that’s not much of a surprise by this point, right?

    Dark Days Club, Alison Goodman – So very much a Regency Buffy, which is not a bad thing, just amusing. Good world-building, both the Regency and the demon stuff—I really felt like she loved both sources and worked hard to integrate them. I’ll have to see if the library has the next one.

    A Queen From The North, Erin McRae, Racheline Maltese – You all know how much I love me a modern-day, marry-the-prince romance (well, when I’m not ranting about how poorly it was executed), and this one has the added catnip of an alternate history timeline that is actually rooted in the War of Roses and all of that fallout, so when I saw/heard this on one of the romance blogs (I’m thinking it was redheadedgirl on Smart Bitches, b/c our tastes tend to align) I snagged it up and inhaled it in a day. (I ask you: what’s not to love about a marriage-of-convenience-turned-real plot? Well, again: the execution of it all.) Verdict: goooooood. And more to come. The romance itself was a little low-key, but the supporting characters were good (and wonderfully not a solid wall of white-cis-het) and while yes, most of the obstacles could have been avoided by actual communication between the principals, it felt like everybody’s reasons for avoidance were real (stupid, but real, which is so true) so that worked for me—I am looking forward to the next in the series.

    Warrior’s Apprentice, Lois McMaster Bujold, narrated by someone who was fine, but not worth going to find the listing as I write this – The House of Boys loooooves the Vorkosigans, and since I have worked my way through their other love (Dresden), I figured I’d go for these, too. I was entertained, though the cover image is horrible and I could have gone for someone reading this who was closer in age to the teenaged Miles. Minor quibbles, though. I need to line up the next one because #2Son is leading off our conversations as I leave the office with things like, “seriously, don’t be looking at your twitter feed at stoplights. You need to keep yourself distracted until you’re home,” which is probably not untrue. I’m really only reading to get to A Civil Campaign and the most recent novel about Cordelia, but I’ll go through the intervening steps.

    The Darwath Trilogy, Barbara Hambly – I got sidetracked on this one b/c Dark Days was horribly overdue and then Queen came zooming in out of nowhere and totally sideswiped my attention, but I made myself pick it back up last night to keep from cycling through twitter endlessly.

    I need to maybe grab the next Peter Grant or Vorkosigan on audio, and then go through what BabyBoy brought back from the Shared Worlds book giveaway. I’m 6 books behind on my book challenge, but part of that is because I get into series and end up reading 4 books where only 1 counts toward the specific trope or setting or whatever for the challenge.

    Ciao, kids!
  • A-Level results day...

    Aug. 17th, 2017 11:39 am
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    And Miss M is off to Cambridge!!!


    She will be studying Philosophy.

    They asked for A*AA and she achieved A*A*A!

    /proud mother

    Fic: The Trolley Problem (Adult, 1/1)

    Aug. 16th, 2017 09:04 pm
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    Title: The Trolley Problem
    Characters/Pairing(s): Twelfth Doctor/Missy/Simm!Master; brief appearances from Bill and Nardole
    Rating: Adult
    Word count: 7,131
    Spoilers: through "The Doctor Falls"
    Warnings: none
    Beta: [personal profile] platypus
    Summary: Two weeks and four ethical dilemmas in the life of Missy, Queen of Evil.

    ::xposted to [community profile] dwfiction and [ profile] dwfiction, and archived at A Teaspoon And An Open Mind and Archive of Our Own

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    Agree with me about X or else

    Aug. 15th, 2017 07:12 pm
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    Spoiler alert: I've had it up to beyond a very high place with what I perceive to be a pervasive public attitude of "if you don't agree with me about X, then you are a horrible person and horrible things should happen to you, to your family, and to your cow."

    "Accept the results of the election" - until one candidate loses, and now that candidate's supporters are all "not my president!"

    "Businesses must serve all customers, regardless of X" - until "I refuse on principle to serve *this* customer because X!"

    "It's a moral imperative to demonstrate against X" - until "I have moral authority to protest the demonstration against X!"

    Any dissenting opinion is automatically a thought crime to one side or another, and I'm out of all effs to give.

    Are there *any* adults in the room? In any room?

    Your mileage will probably vary.
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    Alternative title: Why Moffat Who is Poetry

    Welcome to the meta café! Although this time it's more The Poetry Café (not that there's ever much difference). What I mean is, this post is like a follow-up to The Hollow Men and will be formatted in a similar way: I.e. first up is the poem/imagery, which will then be followed by lengthy, complex and in-depth notes. No really, this is enormous. (I will also write a more regular meta post later, with all the stuff that does not fit into this very specific reading.) Also, although this meta mostly centers on The Doctor Falls, it meanders through a lot of S10, and even further back. And as always, Promethia owns at least half of this.

    But first, here is the second half of the fifth and final part of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, as filtered through Moffat Who:



    I didn't actually vanish

    Aug. 15th, 2017 10:14 am
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    Hello everyone. Sorry for being semi-absent, we went to Wales for a week's holiday.

    Which was very lovely indeed, and we spent a day on the river, and walked up a mountain (/big hill) saw Llanthony priory and Castell Coch, and (of course!) went to Cardiff where I saw Ianto's Shrine (♥) and went to the Doctor Who Experience.

    Hence this icon. You go on an 'adventure' with the Doctor, and one of the rooms you go in, is the one with the TARDIS 'tree' and 'eggs'. I am still not over that. And Impish Girl got to pilot Eleven's TARDIS! Although the adventure was with Twelve, who was suitably delightful/rude.

    (Am useless at writing about RL. But there will soon be meta! Which is another reason I've been so quiet...)

    Approach to Housesteads

    Aug. 14th, 2017 08:41 pm
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    I've no pictures from last week so have another from the week before. This is the approach to Housesteads fort from the East. Imagine what that must have been like when both wall and fort walls were more than a couple of feet high!
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    Summary: How do you save people that don't want to be saved?

    For notes etc, please see The Prologue, or just follow the tags.

    Note: Gallifreyan will be indicated by the use of « and » any other language uses "". It seemed the simplest solution.


    A Long Way from Sherwood: Chapter 5 )
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    Title: Hearts and Moons Recall the Truth
    [personal profile] kaffyr 
    Chapter: 27
    Previous Chapter: 26 here, or here
    Characters: the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness
    Rating: PG-13
    Author's Note: In which homecomings give way to leave-takings, and Rose says what has to be said.  I thought this was the penultimate chapter, but have since realized it was not. Not quite. But soon, soon.
    Edited by: the irreplaceable [ profile] dr_whuh, without whom none of this would be possible. 
    Disclaimer: As much as I wish it were otherwise, no Whoniverse characters are mine. They are the sole property of the BBC and their respective creators. I take no coin or credit, but do thank the BBC for letting me play in their sandbox. 
    Note: Because this is a long chapter, Live Journal may eliminate paragraph breaks, so you might want to read it over on Dreamwidth. 


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    26x icons (Various)

    Aug. 11th, 2017 06:53 pm
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    Some icons made for [community profile] iconthat, for Department S generally, and others spotted lurking on the hard-drive, including Doctor Who, Dracula (1968) & The Forsyte Saga. I like to save up and post in big sets, but that only means some things never get posted!


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    Credits: textures by larmay, tiger_tyger & imemime_art. The usual rules apply - want, take, use, credit. Please no hotlinking.
    elisi: (Stepping Sideways)
    [personal profile] elisi
    Summary: How do you save people that don't want to be saved?

    For notes etc, please see The Prologue, or just follow the tags.

    Note: Gallifreyan will be indicated by the use of « and » any other language uses "". It seemed the simplest solution.


    A Long Way from Sherwood: Chapter 4 )

    First interview

    Aug. 9th, 2017 10:23 am
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    So adorable. So Northern! :D

    Dept. of Reawakening

    Aug. 8th, 2017 05:33 pm
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    Hello Again

    Stuff about depression, in case you want to avoid it. )
    One way to battle depression is to list some of the things I've been doing that are either positive, good, or even funny or remotely out of the ordinary. 

    So let's go: 

    I've ordered and received five pounds of premium buckwheat hulls. I have therefore been able to refill my three Korean neck pillows, a necessity as the buckwheat hulls break down and the pillows lose their rigidity. I love my neck pillows. I can't sleep without one. 

    I've worked on Chapter 28, as I mentioned. 

    I've started watching Season 7 of Game of Thrones (many thanks to FB, who gave me his HBO Go password, and with whom I fangirl thereafter.) BB finally admitted that he wasn't in the least interested in watching Seasons 2 through 6 with me, so I'll watch those at my leisure. It's actually a relief; I'd strongly suspected that BB didn't want to watch, and kept telling him he didn't need to, but for the longest time he insisted that he was fine with watching it. 

    We're refinancing the condo, something I'm not sure I've mentioned before. I was already going to be in my 70s before the mortgage was up, so extending it out longer, for lower monthly payments and lower interest rates, was a good idea. Many thanks to BB for taking the initiative on that with our mortgage holder. 

    We finally, finally got started on getting our wills set up. There's more work to be done, but we've started, and that's a big deal. 

    I've gotten through the first season of Sense8, and am embarking on the second season. It's brilliant. 

    And there; that's all I can get myself to write about.

    How have all of you been?


    Belated Birthday Nonsense

    Aug. 8th, 2017 09:49 am
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    In the event of me seemingly getting worse at writing birthday ficlets, instead of better, I have for the past couple of years, taken the Unconventionalcourtship Generator and had a flash-fic writing session with it, tackling any prompts where I felt able to write both characters for [personal profile] john_amend_all's birthday. The end of June was particularly bad, so here it is, only slightly delayed.

    One of the results that came up was clearly something I thought would amuse [ profile] astrogirl2, who also had a birthday around the same time, so, I'm calling that a belated present also. Plus some bonus summaries I failed at writing. (The whole package is like a bundle of those tacky plasticky things you get at the seaside, but I had fun.) I did this on different days, before and during my family's visit, so it all got a bit out of hand. But still mostly not even shippy. /o\

    Unconventional Results Under Here )

    Hadrian's Wall, Day 5

    Aug. 6th, 2017 08:02 pm
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    24 miles. My feet ache terribly however, thanks to the advice of the wonderful [personal profile] fififolle and a small souvenir shop in the Northumberland National Park, they are at least encased in Compseed Plasters. B. was initially deeply sceptical about these, but since one has remained glued to the ball of my foot all day today, he has come around.

    No wall to be seen, though there were occasional earthworks, but once we had crossed the M6 and reached Carlisle (which B. keeps referring to as Cardiff), the walk was mostly dominated by the Solway Firth, including the little faux Roman hut at the end of the walk in which you could get the final stamp in your "passport".

    Hadrian's Wall, Day 4

    Aug. 5th, 2017 09:52 pm
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    18 miles. B's knee started playing up on the downhill and we were worried around Birdoswald that he was going to have to bail - however Ibuprofen and gentler country seemed to, if not sort it out, at least make tomorrow look feasible.

    We've had mostly good weather but there was a moment this afternoon with clear blue skies to our left and dark rain clouds to our right where we were having conversations that started "if we're lucky...". We weren't lucky.

    24 miles tomorrow, so I can't promise a post since I'm not sure when we will get to Bowness and there will be priorities like acquiring food (which, by the sound of things, could be tricky in Bowness on Solway on a Sunday evening).


    Aug. 5th, 2017 07:44 pm
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    Tumblr Man
    A Parody of “Piano Man” by Billy Joel
    Written and Performed by Codot


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